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Mc Cavitt

McCavitt Pottery

McCavitt Pottery

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Artist Donna Mc Cavvit:

"Working in clay is like meditation. Believing that all things have a unique personality, I try to capture this in my work. By using hand building techniques, under-glazes and glazes in a variety of painting styles, I create joyful and whimsical art ceramics. Textures are applied by using found objects and hand carved stamps I create. My formal training was in painting, mixed media, and textiles so I find ways to incorporate other media with my clay work. My style has evolved since my childhood endeavors with clay and painting but I still love creating pieces that have a message, even though I am much more lighthearted now. Making my clay pieces helps me keep an innocent wonderment for the beauty of Nature. Laughter and Art can make life more joyful!"

Charming small vase that has my sgraffito leaf design embellishing it. Completely hand built starting with a slab of clay. Since I carve freehand, no two will ever be exactly the same. After building the vase I put several coats of under glaze color on the exterior. I then carve the leaves. The leaves flow lyrically around the vase which can stand alone as a small sculpture or be used as a flower vase.  After the first firing, I use clear glaze on the exterior and use a rich color glaze in the interior, then fire the vase again in my kiln.  

Clay vases

2" x 8" x 2"

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