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About Us

Holly Kenny, Owner/Instructor

Flamework artist and metalsmith Holly Kenny has been creating artisan glass jewelry, giftware and home decor since 2008. She exhibits at artisan fairs throughout the East Coast and has taught both beginner and intermediate flamework and metals classes for 8 years.  She currently teaches child, teen and adult classes in her studio and at Snow Farm - the New England Craft Program - in Williamsburg, Massachusetts. She opened the studio and gift shop in 2017, naming it after her daughter, whose initials are "LCK". Her teenage daughter and son provide an endless source of inspiration, creativity and laughter along the journey. Holly finds glass to be such a fluid, captivating medium and is always intrigued to discover what shapes and forms the glass will take as it changes from one physical state to another. Her favorite part of her work is when the glass begins to ‘speak’, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. She loves to translate this imagination and possibility into a unique piece of wearable or functional art for her clients. Her work can be found at more than fifty shops and galleries across the country. She welcomes custom orders.

Sheila Checkoway, Artist in Residence/Instructor

Sheila Checkoway has worked in hot glass for more than 15 years beginning with hot shop sand-casting, then moving to the flameshop where she enjoys the intimacy of the torch and glass beads.  Mentors Mark Kobasz and Cynthia Liebler Saari influenced her development in glass, and she continues flameworking classes with various artists.  Sheila taught beginner beadmaking classes at Diablo Glass in Boston for several years and is currently the Artist in Residence at Elsie Kaye Glassworks, where she teaches both beginner and intermediate beadmaking classes.  Sheila’s aesthetic leans toward organic textures, colors and designs – as well as sophisticated beads with gold leaf and metal.  Sheila focuses on selling her beads to creative jewelry artists worldwide.  Her work is available for sale at northeast bead shows each year and online at Facebook.SheilaCheckowayDesigns

Lisa Scott, Graphic Designer

Lisa is an original member of the Elsie Kaye team, having been with us since the studio's opening in 2017. She is our "go to" for all our design needs, and  can work absolute magic with color and form (and our often tight deadlines)!   From our logo to our signage, Lisa does it all and we wouldn't be here without her!

Lizzy Baldwin, Teaching Assistant 

Lizzy is our studio "jack of all trades". She's been with us since 2018, and she always adds a little spark to everyone's day. She currently studies elementary education at Smith College, which might be why she does such a great job in running our kids and teen classes and camps. 

Christiana Wawarsik, Teaching Assistant 


Christine McShane Creative, Nicole Connolly Photography, Linda Zawadzki Photography and Kate Flanagan Photography



The Studio: Flameworking Stations              

Our flameworking studio is currently outfitted with 6 work stations, featuring 5 Nortel Minor Bench Burners and 1 Major Bench Burner. Two 6-foot steel fireproof-top workbenches provide ample room to work. Our climate-controlled studio features heat, air conditioning and a comprehensive ventilation system. We use natural gas and oxygen concentrators to fuel the touches. Each station comes complete with a full complement of flameworking tools including steel bead mandrels, graphite marvers, rod rests, molds, rollers and all the tools necessary for beadmaking.  We have 3 Jen-Ken Chilipepper bead annealing kilns and one SC-2 Paragon glass annealing kiln. We work primarily in effetre soft glass (COE 104) but do some work in borosilicate glass. A large selection of glass rods and related tools are available for sale to students.    

Metalworking Station
Our metalworking station comes equipped with a metal soldering area, a bench pin, bench grinder and a polishing, tumbling and pickling area. We have a comprehensive selection of tools, stamps, files, punches, dies, dapping blocks, mandrels, saws, and of course, a wide variety of hammers! Six hand-held butane torches are available for soldering and smaller jewelry work, as well as a Smith Little Torch for precision metalwork.

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