Open Studio/Torch Rental

Open Studio/Torch Rental

Flameworking: Open Studio/Torch Rental

Elsie Kaye Glassworks offers open studio torch and kiln rentals in our flamework studio. Students who complete Flameworking 101 (or another studio equivalent) and demonstrate competent torch skills will qualify for torch and kiln rental at the discretion of the staff.

We offer guided torch rental for beginner and intermediate levels as well as independent  torch  rental  for  those  with  more  advanced  flameworking experience. Rentals are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays  from  10am  -  3pm  and  Tuesdays  and  Thursdays  from 5:30  - 9:30pm..(Hours may differ during peak shopping or class times).  A member of the staff must be present at all times during rentals. A two-hour minimum rental time is required.

Renters must be able to operate all equipment in a competent and safe manner.  An initial safety and studio policies lesson will be required before both guided and independent rental.  All renters are required to fill out our flameworking waiver and a rental agreement. Please contact the studio to  schedule  an  appointment  to  see  the  studio and  meet  our  staff  before  arranging rental times by emailing us at

  • Guided torch rental (for beginner to intermediate levels): $26/hour
  • Independent torch rental (for advanced levels): $22/hour
  • Longer-term rental of 12 or more hours for advanced levels (cumulative over a 30-day period): $20/hour

All Rental time includes: torches, kiln space and tools (protective eyewear and aprons are also available if needed) Students must provide their own mandrels and bead release.

Materials may be purchased at the following rates:

-COE 104 Glass Rods- $1/rod

-Glass frit - $8/oz.

-Double Helix Glass Rods -$5/rod

*Shorties/smaller glass rods are available at no charge

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