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Henrietta Glass

Circle of Friends Vase

Circle of Friends Vase

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In our circle of best friends, each friend excels at different things. The Henrietta Glass Circle of Friends Vases are designed to celebrate our friends' unique gifts, and to say, "Thank you for being part of my circle." Each vase comes with a hangtag specific to its color and trait, on a color coordinated satin ribbon, and is packed in an individual gift box. Due to the handmade nature of this work, slight variations will occur.

The True Friend (Rainbow) hangtag reads: A true friend is a treasure of incalculable worth. In the company of a true friend life's pleasures are sweeter, while strife is easier to bear. My friend, you are truly the rainbow's pot of gold.

The Compassion (Pink) hangtag reads: My compassionate friend the peacemaker. I seek your advice because you naturally see both sides of all questions. Your kindness and empathy know no bounds.

The Energy (Green) hangtag reads: My friend the dynamo! Always in motion, you're unacquainted with words like quit or enough. Your positive energy revitalizes everyone lucky enough to be in your presence.

The Serenity (Aqua) hangtag reads: My zen friend, wise and serene: nothing ruffles you. You restore my equilibrium when life gets too crazy. You help me see the big picture, breath deep, and cherish my blessings.

The Strength (Red) hangtag reads: My formidable friend: you stand up for your convictions with fiery determination, and meet every new challenge with dauntless vigor and sterling valor.

The Loyalty (Cobalt) hangtag reads: I'd be nowhere without my true blue friend. You share my joys, my sorrows, my triumphs and challenges. Your loyalty and support mean the world to me.

Dimensions: 3"w x 3"d x 5"h

Made with love in Rhode Island by Henrietta Glass

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