Time for Spring (Eco-friendly) Cleaning!

There’s something about this fresh March air that makes us want to throw open windows and clean the whole house. Here in New England, we’ve had a stretch of mild days full of sunshine and crisp spring air.  Nothing says “out with the old and in with the new” like spring, and we’ve got eco-friendly solutions to make your home cleaner and fresher.

Goodbye to dryer sheet chemicals, say hello to fresher clothes 

Dryer sheets are notorious for being full of questionable chemicals. Yet, isn’t it so nice to have nice soft clothes out of the dryer? Get the best of both worlds with these reusable LooHoo wool dryer balls instead.  Wool absorbs moisture and odors naturally, making it the perfect choice.

Using dryer balls speeds up the drying process, reducing your energy usage and saving you money.  (LooHoos decrease your drying time by 10-25%). Plus, they are reusable, so using these LooHoo Wool Dryer balls keeps the daily dryer sheets out of a landfill! 

LooHoo is a community-driven Black Women-owned business. They source their wool from a historic wool mill, less than 100 miles from their headquarters in Camden, Maine, helping to support the local economy.  Plus they're so cute, like little fun pets for your dryer :0 (ok, that last part might be a bit little over-the-top, but we really do love them)!


Save your leftovers and the planet!

Between planning meals, preparing lunches, and storing leftovers, there never seem to be enough food storage containers. Maybe you don’t like using plastic containers. Maybe you’re like us and can never find a lid that matches!  What is with that, anyway?

Let’s be honest, even the most environmentally conscious household has the occasional need for plastic link wrap to cover that dish or wrap up that half a sandwich. 

Now you can skip the plastic, thanks to Z-Wraps.  These are reusable, washable, and compostable storage solutions using beautiful fabrics coated in a protective layer of beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree, creating a wonderful plastic wrap alternative for lunches and leftovers.

Z-Wraps is a certified Minority Business Enterprise and creates their designs right in Easthampton, MA.  We met Z-wraps owner Michelle years ago at the New England Made wholesale show in Portland, Maine, when our booths were close to each other.  The buzz around Michelle’s booth was amazing, and I knew these cool wraps would be a hit at our shop as well.  We love them and pretty sure you will too!

Towels that Look Pretty - And Protect the Environment

One of the quickest and cost-effective ways to freshen up your kitchen is with new towels. Over time, dish towels and tea towels suffer wear and tear just like everything else. A fresh set of towels brightens everything up!

Our eco-friendly towels from High Fiber are both beautiful and functional.  You can tell from the prints that this wife and husband team from Asheville, NC loves textiles and surface design.  All towel designs are hand printed on unbleached cotton. Come pick out your favorite one!



Speaking of favorites, check out our Green Bee Tea Towels.

They’re so pretty you won’t want to actually use them, but they can take it!  Hand printed with specialty inks, these lovely tea towels are made of quality pre-shrunk 100% cotton.



The Sponge and  Paper Towel Alternative

If you’re looking for an alternative to those synthetic   sponges and paper towels, look no further.  Paper towels require a lot of resources to produce and are made for single use. If you’ve got a house with kids or pets, you’re going to need a lot!

You’ve probably heard of this Scandinavian phenomenon, but they’ve been using eco-friendly dish cloths for years!  We’re now carrying WASHCLOUD® reusable cloths in a variety of cute colors, perfect for bringing a pop of color this spring.

Not only are they absorbent and reusable (saving you money), these dish cloths are made from biodegradable and renewable materials. Win-Win!




Ready to let in the sunshine and Spring? Come on by to Elsie Kaye Glassworks at 3 Union St #2, Westborough, MA (off the rotary, behind Commerce Bank. Or hop online at www.elsiekayeglassworks.com. We can’t wait to see you this Spring!

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