Mother's Day Gifts - Under $25

Mother’s Day Gifts Under $25

Mother’s Day is around the corner and it’s a chance to surprise all your mama friends with a little surprise. Whether it’s your own mother, sister, cousin, or just a great friend, these are easy and affordable ways to acknowledge all the dedication that mothers bring to this world. These gifts are also perfect for a child to give, and they’ll feel so special picking out a gift by themselves!

Mother’s Day Bud Vases

Sometimes big things come in little packages! These sweet bud bases are perfect for small spaces that need just the lightest touch of spring.

Choose from Becky Pottery’s sweet mini bud vases for $10 or the colorful blown “mom’s little vases: from Henrietta Glass for $22. Fill with a sweet spring blossom right from your yard or local floral shop.



Mother’s Day Gifts for Her Desk or Nightstand

These mini original art easels by Traci Spadafora are perfect for your favorite mama’s desk or nightstand, where she can gaze at peaceful pastorals any time during her day. Click here to grab one for $25.

For her earrings, rings, or nostalgic mementos, give the gift of these sweet wooden trinket boxes (by Dole’s Orchard for $18) or the Giving Bowls by Lorraine Oerth ($16)

“Just Because” Mother’s Day Gifts

A beautifully scented candle is a classic “just because” gift that any mother will enjoy, but the locally poured Secret Message candles ($12) from 54 Degree Celsius bring an extra treat. Each candle reveals a sweet missive at the bottom. Let your mother, sister, or friend know that “You light up my life”. Or jazz up your candle game with our new mercury glass soy candles from Simply SoHope. Just $24 each ,and they’re available in 4 scents and colors.

How about a practical but beautiful gift to help keep mom organized?  Natural cork card holders and small pouches make a great carry-all for keys, change, credit cards and more. ($16 - $22).

Mini Spa Mother’s Day Gifts

You don’t have to spend a fortune to bring a little spa goodness to the favorite mamas in your life.

Treat her to a fresh new perfume from Noon Designs, a purse-sized spray with light spring scents such as Orange Blossom or Hibiscus, Basic & Citrus for just $20. 

     .      .      

Or give her the decadent travel essentials from Mangiacotti, with lip balm, hand sanitizer spray and lotions, all complete with cute colorful zippered bags...perfect to toss into her carry on or overnight bag. ($7 and up).

And you can never go wrong with filling a gift box or bag with Simply SoHope’s beautifully scented and all-natural soap, lotion and scrub products with scents such as pomegranate, eucalyptus and lemongrass.

The ultimate Mother’s Day Gift

Let her shop for herself! With a $25 gift card, your friend, cousin, sister, mother or grandmother can spend a few minutes on her own to pick out what delights her most. Whether she comes into the shop or browses online from the comfort of her own couch, let her pick out the treat she deserves.

Handcrafted Mother’s Day Cards

Of course, every gift should come with a card - and you won’t find these fun, unique cards from Bright Spark paper at the drugstore! Whether you are picking up your gifts in the store or having them shipped, you’ll find the perfect Mother’s Day card to go with them.

Browse online or in the store

Come on down to browse our store and pick up some Mother’s Day gifts at our storefront at 3 Union St, Westborough, MA 01581 (behind Commerce Bank off the rotary). We’re open Tuesday – Saturday, with special Sunday hours on Sunday 5/2 from 10am – 2pm. If you live far away or can’t make it in, give us a call at 508-329-8517 for a virtual shopping trip! Our clients love to connect on video and virtually browse the store. Either pick up your purchase curbside or we’ll ship your gifts to you. We have everything you need for Mother’s Day gifts under $25.

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