Learn the fundamentals of glass beadmaking with a torch and soft glass. Then, use your beads to make fun summer gadgets for gifts or to spice up your summer parties. Choose from a bottle opener, a spoon, coffee scoop, pen, or letter opener. Topics will include safety, tools and equipment, properties of glass, manipulation of glass with heat and gravity, and finishing beads.

Each day will build on the skills learned in previous days, and we'll eventually cover  encasing, complex and twisted stringer work, stringer control for intricate dot work, masking and layering. Students will also learn to incorporate enamels and metals to add depth and dimension to their beads. 

No experience is necessary and students can purchase glass in class based on individual usage.

This workshop is part of the Art Retreat for Educators and includes some special programming of interest to educators. However, non-educators are welcome as well.

Lodging Fee (optional): $285
All Meals (optional): $150
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