Soaps & Scrubs

Simply SoHope - Facial Bar

This refreshing, yet gentle soap is specially formulated for your face. Give yourself a mini facial every time you wash your face!
-Green Sea Clay Avocado - made with brewed organic green tea and a blend of tea tree, lavender & geranium essential oils. Also contains avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, natural green sea clay
    -Rose Clay Chamomile - made with brewed chamomile tea and a blend of chamomile, lavender & geranium essential oils.

    -Neapolitan - can’t decide? This is layers of each facial bar. Avocado + Rose + Purple + Charcoal + another layer of Avocado  (Purple Clay • made with brewed organic white tea with lavender flowers, lavender & lemon essential oils

    Bars are ~2.4 oz and dimensions are ~ 2.25" long x 1.75" wide  x 1" inches tall.

    Each bar is hand cut & hand wrapped with biodegradable papers and ingredients clearly printed.  

    Handcrafted in Massachusetts by Simply SoHope. 

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