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Aud & El - Bath Salts

Body soothing pure Himalayan Bath Salts enhanced with natural fragrance oils. Bath salts help sooth muscle aches and pains. Himalayan Bath Salts can also help strengthen bones, skin and connective tissue associated with body aches and soreness. An overall amazing product that will leave you feeling your best. Add a few tablespoons to your warm bath.

Choose from  3 scents - lavender, eucalyptus or lemongrass sage.

Reusable 8 ounce glass jar

Aud & El founder Tiffany Williams recognizes the importance of self care and  encourages her clients to create a more sacred space at home.  She stresses the integral connection between mind, spirit and body health and focuses on creating powerful calming rituals.  Self care is an essential part of this and her products can help ease you into a slower, softer way of life.

Made in Westborough, MA




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