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Gifts & Accessories

Bottle Benders -Mini Chimes

These fun little chimes are a great affordable gift option! They're little enough to fit in anyone's home, and yet still make a nice little tinkling sound in a breeze.

Roxy and her family have been making their colorful little chimes for the past 50 years.  Made from recycled glass bottles that are cut and fused in a kiln, the circles come from the center part of a wine bottle. The chimes have a treated wood top with stainless steel chain at the top, and all are hung with woven nylon fishing line that's impervious to the elements (we know it lasts at least 10 years in sun, wind, & rain). 

Approximately 8" L x 4" W

At just one pound, they are surprisingly light and can withstand winds up to 15mph. They are perfect for a sheltered outdoor area or a screened porch.

Handmade in Eastanollee, Georgia 


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