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Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

vacation activitiy

bore.dom (n) - The state of being weary and restless through lack of interest.

cre. a. tiv.i.ty (n) - The use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

It took a total of four days after the school year ended last week for my 10-year-old to utter those two little words all parents hate to hear.

You know, that phrase said in part frustration and part desperation, with a little defeat mixed in for good measure. “I’m bored!” You’re kidding right? Nope.  But we parents are ready, with our “toolbox” of clever suggestions.  You know the one:

B  e creative
O  utside play
R  ead a book
E  xercise 20 minutes
D o something helpful

Summer is fast approaching, and that old toolbox seems a bit cliché. How long does it usually take before that famous phrase starts to make the rounds in your house?  And when it does, what do you have planned for the kids for the next 60 plus days? (Not 104, much to the dismay of Phineas & Ferb, but still a long time to keep kids busy).

Send them to glass art summer camp at Elsie Kaye Glassworks in downtown Westborough, and we guarantee that you won’t hear those two words uttered once while they’re here. Not once.

That’s because our camps are child-driven explorations into art.  We have a suggested curriculum, but beyond that, they are free to explore and create whatever they’d like. We provide the tools and show kids how they’re used. After that it’s up to them.  They decide what elements they want to create, and how to incorporate them into their work. Some kids are really captivated by the art and science of flameworking ( glass beadmaking) and want to spend their entire time on the torch, melting glass and discovering how and why the glass does what it does.  Others prefer the satisfaction of hammering metal discs on a steel bench block, forming shapes and stamping meaningful words or images onto the surface. Still others like to pour through our dozens of trays of beading supplies, searching for just the right components for that perfect summer necklace.




For the younger set (ages 7-11), we begin each day with a demonstration of how glass rods are melted with a torch to create individual little works of art. This is a perfect introduction for young minds, a way to get them thinking about ways to be creative.

We work with all sorts of hammers, files, pliers, jewelry saws, anvils and a variety of other tools to create textures and designs in metal and then incorporate these into finished pieces. We focus on a different project each day and kids can choose from wire wrap bracelets, mixed metal necklaces, leather chokers, keychains, bookmarks, wind chimes, suncatchers and whatever else they can dream up.

With age comes experience and the flexibility to do more advanced work. Our teen camp (ages 12-16) allows more hands-on work with the tools. After a brief introduction and demo, they get to try their hand at the torch, melting glass and creating art.  They spend the week honing their craft and pulling all of the elements together on the last day for a final project they will undoubltedly be proud of .

Our younger kids’ camps are limited to 8 and our teen bead camp is capped at 6 to allow us to really focus on each child.

Sign your child up for glass art camp today at Elsie Kaye Glassworks Art Studio and you won’t have to hear those two terrible words again (at least while they’re at EKG art camp!)


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