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Birthday girl + jewelry = “best party ever!”

Your daughter’s birthday is approaching and she wants a “super fun” party with all her “very best friends.” What could be more fun than making beautiful jewelry that the birthday girl and her guests can take home and wear?!

Elsie Kaye Glassworks Studio can make your daughter’s next birthday party the “best ever!”

Our parties are geared to two age groups: age 6 to 12 and 12+(teens). For the younger group, your daughter can invite 10 to 13 guests. For the older children, who work on more complex designs, an attendance of 6 is the ideal. Depending on the number of participants, each party has one to two Elsie Kaye Glassworks staff members assisting.

What about the boys? They can enjoy Elsie Kaye Glassworks as well - especially 12+ boys who – with close supervision – get to work with flames and torches. The teen boys head home with a cool keychain or a piece of jewelry for mom (or a special girl at school)!

Elsie Kaye Glassworks has a wide selection of the latest trends in jewelry designs and the birthday girl gets to choose the project she wants her guests to make. Projects include memory wire wrap bracelets or stretch bracelets with a glass bead, crystal/gemstone dangles, necklaces and key chains backpack charms, or bookmarks. Attendees make two items each; the guest of honor will be able to make three items.

Our birthday parties are age appropriate. For the younger children, there is a glass bead demonstration of how beads are made by melting glass with a torch. Then the party attendees get to select their materials (handcrafted glass beads, gemstones and crystals) and create their own memorable jewelry. The birthday girl or boy can also share their favorite colors and we will make a special supply of glass beads just for them to use in their projects.

The party for the older children (teens) is much more hands-on as they actually create their own glass beads. Of course, the teens first learn about safety, tools, and equipment!  They will use a gas and oxygen-fueled torch and glass rods. They are taught about the properties of glass and the manipulation of glass with a focus on heat control. Guests make three to five beads each. We often hear: “This is so awesome!!!”   

Note: Glass beads must gradually cool, or “anneal” in the kiln overnight. They are ready for pickup two to three days after the party.

When it comes time to actually make their jewelry, as with the younger children, the older children gather materials from the "bead bar" and make their own take-home jewelry using wire wrapping and design techniques.

The two best aspects of an Elsie Kaye Glassworks birthday party is the thrill of making your own pretty jewelry and the fun of wearing what you made for all to see and admire.

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